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Discover the Benefits of Colon Cleansing

What Colon Hydrotherapy Can Do

“Both good health and sickness begin in the colon. Colon therapy is a recognized modality for both regaining and maintaining health.”

- Dr. Norman Walker

Make sure that your body is free from toxins by heading over to Green Spring Colon Hydrotherapy in Owings Mills, Maryland. Our certified colon therapists have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding results every time. Read on to find out how our services 

can benefit you.

Cleanse the Colon

To prevent toxic materials in one’s colon from causing further harm to the body, they are gently flushed away after they are broken down. Any fecal matter that has built up is also removed with several rounds of treatment. The functionality of the colon will be restored once it has been cleared of impacted waste. Because of this, a colonic therapy can be considered a rejuvenation treatment 

for the entire body.

Strengthen the Colon Muscles

Colon muscles may weaken and stop functioning properly if there is a buildup of toxic debris inside it. To improve peristaltic activity and encourage the natural movement of materials, the colon is gently filled and emptied. Doing this lessens the time it takes for fecal matter to be transported along the tract. 

Restore the Shape of the Colon

It is possible for the colon’s shape and structure to change due to certain conditions. If the organ is left untreated, more health issues may arise. To combat this phenomenon, a combination of gently flowing water and massage techniques are used by your colon therapist. This results in your colon returning to its original, 

natural state.

Hydrate the Body

We are made up mostly of water, so the pure water used in a colonic can be safely absorbed by the body. Because of this, one’s cells are hydrated from the inside out.

Our Colon Cleansing System of Choice

Colon hydrotherapy involves the use of multi-stage purification systems as well as disposable speculum kits to prevent contamination. There is no unpleasant odor due to the closed system that allows waste material to move through the drain line in a discreet manner. The specific equipment we have is the Hydro-Sans Plus, an industry-trusted colon hydrotherapy system.

Colon hydrotherapy room
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