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Weight loss
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Weight loss

Toxicity in the body contributes to weight gain and resistance to weight loss.

As printed in The Colon Therapist's Network.

If you're over weight or a highly allergic person...
You might be carrying around a lot more than that!The typical American diet, consisting of high-fat, low-fiber, refined junk foods... including flour, meat, fat, sugar, alcohol, preservatives and toxins, is the primary reason the colon becomes so unhealthy. The toxins generated from accumulated waste matter in the colon, are responsible for many body imbalances... which can lead to very serious over weight and health problems!Furthermore, the average American diet includes less than a fraction of the fiber foods necessary to promote elimination of toxins from the body. Poor diet, improper food-combining and lack of dietary fiber make maintenance of a healthy colon virtually impossible. As a consequence...It is very common to find people with unhealthy and weakened digestive systems!Virtually all weight challenges can be traced to imbalances in the colon/digestive system as either a primary contributor... or a secondary problem which accentuates slowdowns in other critical body systems, like the endocrine (glandular) system and the circulatory system.Toxins present in the unhealthy colon can be transported into the circulatory system... And soon the body may be unable to properly metabolize food and fat, or to provide vital energy for living!A classic sign of colon toxicity in women — and one of their most common complaints about their figures — is their potbelly. This condition may be very simple to correct by adopting an improved health regimen. A distended abdomen, may indicate a more serious problem and the presence of a fecal ball in the colon which gathers more and more coatings the longer it remains.For many people, the signs of a colon dysfunction are so much a part of their daily experience that... They don't even suspect their health is in danger!