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Why Colonhydrotherapy?
What an honor!
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What an honor!

I just wanted to let everyone who has come through the doors of Greenspringcolonhydrotherapy how thrilled I am to have met you and treated you. Yes, colonhydrotherapy cleanses the colon but it also does so much more. The evolution in people's health and spirit is an absolutely amazing journey to be a part of. I am forever grateful to do this work and I am looking forward to reaching even more people in the future. Remember your health is your wealth! Both good health and sickness begin in the colon. Choose health!

We just received an award!

We really are the best!! Come and see for yourself.

Fear of colonics

People are really talking about the benefits of Colonhydrotherapy also known as colonics. But so many people have an apprehension of actually having the treatment done. So let's go over what to expect when one has booked an appointment. You will be asked to fill out some intake forms about past medical history and dietary habits. You are free to ask any and all questions at any time. You are then shown to the bathroom where you will change into a robe  and empty your bladder. The therapist will then direct you to lay down on the treatment table. After insertion of a disposable speculum, you will be on your back and covered at all times. There is a very gentle flow of warm, filtered water and a subsequent release. This is repeated several time in order to fully hydrate the whole length of the colon (5 and 1/2 feet). This will hydrate any and all old fecal mater and allow it to pass easily through the tubing. There is absolutely no smell or mess. In between releases, your therapist will apply light massage to your abdomen to help loosen things up. After your treatment you will be asked to take some time and relax in the bathroom and allow your body to release what it needs to release. That's it!! I hope that any anxiety you may have about the unknown is alleviated and that you will take advantag of this very gentle, healing, and beneficial modality.
Be well,
Andrea Goldstein-Pressas CCT

What is really going on?

Colon cancer was virtually unknown 100 years ago, and yet it's now the single leading cancer in men and women combined. Genes don't change in 100 years. Only diet and environment change that rapidly. And that's not the only change we've seen in the intestinal tract. Diverticulosis was also virtually unknown 100 years ago. Now virtually everyone living in the modern world has many herniations of the colon if they live long enough. Not to mention the fact that the incidence of Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome is spiking through the roof. Hey, we're not talking about genes here. We're talking about changes in diet and environment. Don't be fooled by a statistical slight of hand. Diet and environment are fundamental to your odds of getting colorectal cancer.

Why colonics?

Why Colonics?

Why colonics? Because if you have not been living a natural organic lifestyle up to this point in your life than you absolutely have a buildup of toxins and waste inside your body that needs to be flushed out immediately. Not only is this buildup causing you to be heavier, but in the long run this buildup will start to poison your body, causing you discomfort and disease. Call 410-654-8997 ext.5 for your appts.