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Why Colonhydrotherapy?
What an honor!
Clean Cells For Healthy Longevity
Colonhydrotherapy and Heavy Metals
The importance of detoxifying our bodies


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Why Colonhydrotherapy?

* Why Colonhydrotherapy? 
Just like you need to clean the filter in your air-conditioner, so it can work best, the filters in your body require regular maintenance as well.Even if you live the healthiest of lifestyles, (as too few of us do) your body is constantly bombarded with toxins-- from the pollutants in your air and water to the hormones, chemicals and pesticides in the food you eat.Which is why it's so vital to "clean out" and reduce your toxic load. It is baffling how we take better care of our cars than our bodies! 
*What is Colonhydrotherapy? 
Colonhydrotherapy is safe, gentle warm water cleansing of the colon.A practice dating from around 1500 B.C., colonhydrotherapy has a much broader effect than simply cleansing the colon.Colonics offer relief from a variety of problems by cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter.  Constipation, fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability, skin problems, cold hands and feet, lethargy, and chronic diarrhea are among a few of the problems people have found relieved by colon cleansing.  Additional benefits are known to include mental clarity, more energy, and circulatory, immune and weight problems often improving. Your sense of well being is often dramatically improved with colon irrigation.  You feel lighter and more energetic.The body can again assimilate food and better defend itself against disease.Natural peristalsis, tone and regularity are restored and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, scientific technique.Colonhydrotherapy is a key factor in re-establishing the body's natural balance and restoring good health. 
*Vibrant HealthToday everyone from movie stars to models to athletes to executives all utilize colonics as a natural method of cleansing the colon.So if you think your colon is clean because of your bowel habits, then consider this:98% of people have encrustation within their colon, 50% of those have parasitic infestation and 25% of these have 8-12 lbs of undigested matter lining their colon.This may be a major reason why colon cancer ranks next to heart disease as the most frequent cause of death in the U.S. today.Colonhydrotherapy is not only about constipation.  It is about adopting personal habits and lifestyles that contribute to VIBRANT HEALTH!
All sessions are conducted while laying on the Biomat at no additional charge. We want you to have the best experience. Other spas and centers charge $30-$60 per Biomat session.  Enjoy!

What an honor!

I just wanted to let everyone who has come through the doors of Greenspringcolonhydrotherapy how thrilled I am to have met you and treated you. Yes, colonhydrotherapy cleanses the colon but it also does so much more. The evolution in people's health and spirit is an absolutely amazing journey to be a part of. I am forever grateful to do this work and I am looking forward to reaching even more people in the future. Remember your health is your wealth! Both good health and sickness begin in the colon. Choose health!

Clean Cells For Healthy Longevity

Clean Cells For Healthy Longevity

By Sayward Ayre ND

Aging, as in the deterioration of health with all its implicated illnesses, does not have to happen. There have been many studies and scientific experiments to prove it so, and one of them is as follows.The year was 1912 at the Rockefeller Institute when Dr. Alexis Carrell began his groundbreaking test of cell longevity through detoxification and proper nourishment. Dr. Carrell used living tissue from a chicken heart and kept it saturated in a nutritional solution that provided optimal nourishment for the cells. It is the cell's natural process to rid itself of toxins everyday, so everyday he would empty the old toxic solution and replace it with fresh nourishment solution. It was Dr. Carrell's intent to prove that cells can live a very long time, possibly indefinitely, if they are kept in the optimum conditions.Dr. Carrell continued the daily cleanse ritual of the chicken heart tissue for 32 years, and then he passed away, but the chicken tissue still lived on.  The daily cleansing process was continued by a another worker. Two years later, when the tissue was 34 years old, the worker reportedly forgot to change the waste polluted solution for just one day, and the tissue died.  The tissue had lived more than three times longer than a chicken's natural life expectancy of 11 years -  it was 34 years old when it died. In all likelihood, it would have continued to live had the toxic solution been dumped and new solution added on just that one day. The idea of "cell immortality" was borne to the scientific community due to this experiment and others carried out by Dr. Carrell.Cleansing the human body's cells through proper nourishment, pure water, clean food, fresh air, regular physical exercise, playtime with laughter and enjoyment, low stress levels, time in nature, some daily sun exposure, and good restful sleep has been the creed of Naturopathic Doctors throughout many centuries. As a result of good living practices, living healthily into ripe old age can be found in many countries around the world, even to a small degree here in the United States, though perhaps not as often as in the past.We see role models for health everyday, good and bad. The ones I have imprinted on my mind are the 84 year old man out hiking the mountain with a heavy pack on his back, still reading maps and standing straight as an arrow, or the lovely long-legged ladies at 86 still high-kicking their legs on the stage in Palm Springs, or the 90 year old out riding his bicycle in the heat of the day, sweating out toxins and breathing deep.Could our cells live three times longer than we normally anticipate – to 240 or 300 years old?  In our polluted world, it is unlikely, but one thing is certain – we do not have to grow sick as we grow older.  By following a healthy life-style, making important pro-health choices, keeping stress away, and keeping our internal world cleansed, we can be strong, vital and healthy beings for as long as our hearts are ticking. A chicken heart proved it.

Colonhydrotherapy and Heavy Metals

Excerpted from: A Comprehensive Review of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Clinical Pearls from 30 years of medical practice.

"Colon Hydrotherapy removes not only fecal matter from the bowels but also sludge and debris that has attached itself to the wall of the colon. It has been shown that these residues can be years, even decades old, and often leaked out toxic doses of many different chemicals during those years of residue collection. During the metal detoxification program, many toxins appear on the bowel surface and shift from bowel to fecal matter. However, since many of the toxins are surface neurotoxins, and the colon is lined with nerve endings, many of the mobilized toxins are reabsorbed into the body on the way down. To intercept these toxins while in the colon, Colon Hydrotherapy is the ideal method. Recommended use: 1 - 2 colonics per week during active phase of detox."

The importance of detoxifying our bodies

The Importance of Detoxifying Our Bodies
By Cathy Shea, LMT, CCH, Juno Beach, Florida
Internal detoxification is often neglected, overlooked or misunderstood by the general public. Everyday our bodies are exposed to toxins and pollutants in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Our environment subjects us to a variety of pesticides, chemicals, synthetics and petroleum products that are used in homes, offices and cars. Our modern diets consisting of processed and over cooked foods, genetically engineered foods, fast foods, and junk foods all contribute to the problem. Our stressful lifestyles also create additional burdens on the digestive organs we "take it in the gut." Since there is no way to avoid continuous exposure to toxins, our only hope is to build our immune system to defend ourselves, cleanse and work toward balance in our lifestyle. Our family system also contributes to this balancin act. Sometimes we must reject long held tradition to change.
 Recent research has proven that prolonged use of medications and drugs actually increases the risk of losing areas of protective mucosal lining in our intestinal tract. Once this leaking occurs, known as "leaky gut", a situation exists where toxins are absorbed into the blood stream. When this happens, the body does not recognize the toxin and therefore, goes into a self-attack mode creating antibodies. It is widely known that this is the actual beginning of many autoimmune disorders. This blood then goes to our liver for filtration before being circulated throughout our body. This constant challenge to the liver results in overwork and at some point the liver becomes so saturated with toxins it cannot process this overload; much like a sponge that has all the water it can absorb.
 The liver is our largest internal organ. It has over 300 functions but is mainly a filter. As it filters, it stores every condition we've suppressed with drugs. The bile that it secretes in its effort to purge goes to the gall bladder where it is concentrated 10 times from the liver. From there, this bile goes into our digestive system (small intestine) and helps to digest and alkalize our food. Can you see why a diet that is high in fat creates havoc on this process? There are over 500,000 gall bladders removed in the United States every year. Once that surgery is performed, the liver looses its helper and must take over its function. More stress on our system results. This process of digestion takes more energy than running 5 miles! We are all born with organs that are stronger than others. If there is a history of diabetes, the pancreas may be weak.Hormonal irregularities affect our adrenal glands. Build up the organ that is weakest so that as it attempts to adapt, it is being fully supported. 
We all have stress in our lives. It's when the stress turns into DI-STRESS that every cell is on alert. Deepak Chopra, MD states: "Wherever a thought goes, a chemical goes with it." And "Belief creates biology." He points out that stress doesn't make people sick, losing the inner adaptability to stress does. This ongoing condition affects every tissue of the body, breaks down the immune system and hinders proper digestion, absorption and elimination. Other factors that contribute to this overload are lack of exercise, overeating, not drinking enough purified water and most importantly, ignoring our emotions. There are more seratonin receptor sites along the digestive tract than in the spinal cord and brain combined.
Toxic acids are normal byproducts of cellular breakdown that occurs constantly in our bodies. We create a new stomach lining every six days, a new liver every six weeks and an entirely new skeleton every year. The old cells are excreted through our normal eliminative channels: lungs, bowel, skin, kidneys and lymph system. When these systems are flowing easily, we are in good health. But when toxins are being produced faster than they can be eliminated, they get picked up by the blood and circulate. This creates a condition know as AUTOINTOXICATION, literally self-poisoning.
Common symptoms of excess toxins include: constipation, excess weight, bloating, gas, headaches, chronic sinus problems, infections, poor memory, inability to concentrate, insomnia, menstrual problems, prostate enlargement (prostatitus), depression, skin eruptions, yeast infections, fatigue and a host of other health challenges.
Our bodies are amazing miracles.. They will adapt to this condition and actually function for a time under this stress. Research shows that the veins will become 75% blocked before we even feel pain. It can take up to 20 years for certain cancers to show up. For every pound of fat, it takes an additional 5 miles of blood in the vein to feed it. This overload to the circulatory and cardiovascular system is one reason why heart disease is the number one killer in our country. The resulting stagnation in the bowel is why colon cancer is now the number two killer after heart disease.
When the body gets too much of one substance, it develops a sensitivity. Allergy is a signaling system for us, but we may ignore or we medicate the signal to shut it off. We then develop a tolerance for the medication so we try another one creating a vicious cycle. The news is full of infections that are now resistant to the most powerful antibiotics. This is a direct result of overuse and misuse of these drugs. They are commonly prescribed for viruses for which they are not only ineffective, but weaken the immune system as it tries to fight the offensive virus. Antibiotics are prescribed routinely for simple colds and flu. When the body really needs one for a serious infection, it no longer works. New information is proving that supplementing with probiotics creates the inner balance necessary for health to flourish naturally.
A proper diet of fresh organic foods, plenty of pure water, regular exercise, stress management and several daily bowel movements are vital to balancing these systems of elimination. Colon hydrotherapy helps get a sluggish system moving again so that ideally for every meal we eat, we have a bowel movement. Output must equal input. It is vital to have the guidance of a health care professional when considering any cleanse. As the toxins are released, symptoms may appear and it is important to be coached by someone who is experienced and can guide you through this transition to better health. Cleansing is often an enlightening process.
A theory from the science of naturopathy states that all disease begins in the colon. The tube from our mouth to our anus is approximately 30 feet long. Our eliminative organs (lungs, lymph, skin, kidneys, colon) must be constantly flowing in order to maintain balance in the body.
When the colon builds up undigested foods, toxins form, pass through the intestinal wall and the DIS-EASE process begins. Gas, belching, constipation, indigestion, food cravings, headaches, fatigue, allergies, yeast and other infections are only a few of the beginning symptoms. These are the signals of an imbalance. We often adapt to these symptoms and/or medicate them for comfort. Unfortunately, the problem is still present: toxins circulating in the blood from waste that must be eliminated. But how do we make changes?
In order to facilitate the eliminative process, many people use laxative products. This only serves to propel the waste through the system resulting in weak colon muscles. These weak muscles then begin to rely on the purgative and dependency develops. Any form of laxative whether herbal or otherwise will completely upset the entire digestive system. Colon hydrotherapy is an effective, gentle and safe process that uses only pure water to gently bathe the five feet of large intestine. The treatment is performed while the client is comfortably laying on a table draped for privacy. The practitioner performs a gentle rectal exam to lubricate the anal opening and then assist the client with insertion of the speculum. Disposable tubing is attached to the machine and water is slowly and gradually infused into the client through the small tube attached to the speculum. When the client indicates that they have reached their point of tolerance, the water is allowed to flow out through the large tube attached to the speculum. This entire process happens while the client is comfortably relaxing and the waste material is contained entirely within the disposable tubing. It is a closed system so there are no unpleasant odors or exposed bacterial waste. There is a viewing tube where the client can see the waste product and this allows the practitioner to evaluate the feces and make recommendations to the client after the treatment is completed. Used in conjunction with a supervised nutritional program, this process allows for balance in the system to occur in a natural, safe and effective way. Our goal is to provide a safe space for the client's process to emerge while practicing respect and reverence at all times. A series of sessions often yields remarkable results.
Chopra, D. (1993). Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. New York, NY:Harmony Jensen, B. (1999). Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care: A complete program for tissue cleansing through bowel management. New York, NY: Avery. Tenney, L. (1997). The Natural Guide to Colon Health. Pleasant Grove, UT: Woodland Publishing, Inc. Shea, M. (2001). Somatic Psychology: The body in culture, history & spirit. Juno Beach, Fl: Shea Educational Group, Inc

Toxicity in the body contributes to weight gain and resistance to weight loss.

As printed in The Colon Therapist's Network.

If you're over weight or a highly allergic person...
You might be carrying around a lot more than that!The typical American diet, consisting of high-fat, low-fiber, refined junk foods... including flour, meat, fat, sugar, alcohol, preservatives and toxins, is the primary reason the colon becomes so unhealthy. The toxins generated from accumulated waste matter in the colon, are responsible for many body imbalances... which can lead to very serious over weight and health problems!Furthermore, the average American diet includes less than a fraction of the fiber foods necessary to promote elimination of toxins from the body. Poor diet, improper food-combining and lack of dietary fiber make maintenance of a healthy colon virtually impossible. As a consequence...It is very common to find people with unhealthy and weakened digestive systems!Virtually all weight challenges can be traced to imbalances in the colon/digestive system as either a primary contributor... or a secondary problem which accentuates slowdowns in other critical body systems, like the endocrine (glandular) system and the circulatory system.Toxins present in the unhealthy colon can be transported into the circulatory system... And soon the body may be unable to properly metabolize food and fat, or to provide vital energy for living!A classic sign of colon toxicity in women — and one of their most common complaints about their figures — is their potbelly. This condition may be very simple to correct by adopting an improved health regimen. A distended abdomen, may indicate a more serious problem and the presence of a fecal ball in the colon which gathers more and more coatings the longer it remains.For many people, the signs of a colon dysfunction are so much a part of their daily experience that... They don't even suspect their health is in danger!

We just received an award!

We really are the best!! Come and see for yourself.

Fear of colonics

People are really talking about the benefits of Colonhydrotherapy also known as colonics. But so many people have an apprehension of actually having the treatment done. So let's go over what to expect when one has booked an appointment. You will be asked to fill out some intake forms about past medical history and dietary habits. You are free to ask any and all questions at any time. You are then shown to the bathroom where you will change into a robe  and empty your bladder. The therapist will then direct you to lay down on the treatment table. After insertion of a disposable speculum, you will be on your back and covered at all times. There is a very gentle flow of warm, filtered water and a subsequent release. This is repeated several time in order to fully hydrate the whole length of the colon (5 and 1/2 feet). This will hydrate any and all old fecal mater and allow it to pass easily through the tubing. There is absolutely no smell or mess. In between releases, your therapist will apply light massage to your abdomen to help loosen things up. After your treatment you will be asked to take some time and relax in the bathroom and allow your body to release what it needs to release. That's it!! I hope that any anxiety you may have about the unknown is alleviated and that you will take advantag of this very gentle, healing, and beneficial modality.
Be well,
Andrea Goldstein-Pressas CCT

The importance of a properly balanced colon> The importance of probiotics.

A properly functioning intestinal tract is one of your body's first lines of defense against invaders. In a healthy colon there are, on average, well over 100 billion beneficial bacteria per milliliter (about 1/5 of a teaspoon) that literally consume harmful bacteria and other invaders. In the typical American, because of poor diet and neglect of the colon, the beneficial bacteria count may be as low as four or five per milliliter. Just compare 100 billion to four (not four billion, just plain old four), and you'll have an understanding of the scope of the problem. Many researchers now believe that declining levels of  declining levels of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract may actually mark the onset of chronic degenerative disease. The benefits of a probiotically optimized intestinal tract include:
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Assists in the digestion of carbohydrates.
  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Inhibition of cancer.
  • Protection against food poisoning.
  • Protection against stomach ulcers.
  • Protection against lactose intolerance and casein intolerance.
  • Enhanced immunity.
  • Protection against many harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Protection against Candida overgrowth.
  • Prevention and correction of constipation and diarrhea, ileitis and colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and a whole range of other digestive tract dysfunctions.
  • Improvement in the health and appearance of the skin.
  • Better nutrition from improved absorption and the internal generation of B vitamins and vitamin K.
  • Protection against vaginosis and yeast infections.
  • By killing off invading pathogens and producing immune boosting bio-chemicals such as transfer factor and lactoferrin, beneficial bacteria are responsible for 60-70% of your immune system's activity.
At Greenspringcolonhydrotherapy we include a probiotic implant with each colonhydrotherapy treatment.

What is really going on?

Colon cancer was virtually unknown 100 years ago, and yet it's now the single leading cancer in men and women combined. Genes don't change in 100 years. Only diet and environment change that rapidly. And that's not the only change we've seen in the intestinal tract. Diverticulosis was also virtually unknown 100 years ago. Now virtually everyone living in the modern world has many herniations of the colon if they live long enough. Not to mention the fact that the incidence of Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome is spiking through the roof. Hey, we're not talking about genes here. We're talking about changes in diet and environment. Don't be fooled by a statistical slight of hand. Diet and environment are fundamental to your odds of getting colorectal cancer.