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Why not Laxatives?
1.  They irritate the entire digestive tract.
2.  They upset the ph of the stomach and digestive processes.
3.  They artificially stimulate peristalsis.  (Muscle Contraction)
4.  They aggravate the nervous system.
5.  They cause cramping and discomfort.
6.  They are unpredictable.
7.  They may give instant relief, but give potential long term damage to the lining of the digestive system
8.  They cause dehydration since they move the chyme through too quickly and interrupt water absorption to cells.
9.  They create a vicious cycle of diarrhea/ constipation/ diarrhea/ constipation.
10. They cause weakness in the colon muscles and potential ballooning and strictures.
11. Long term use can reduce muscle tone with the colon becoming distorted.
12. They cause excess mucus buildup to protect and shield the colon from irritation.
13. Ultimately, they cause a worse constipation problem.
14. Finally, they no longer work.
A word about "Colon Cleanses".
Almost all of them contain a stimulant laxative. Senna and or Cascara Sagrada. These are herbal stimulant laxatives, which over time will weaken the colon muscle creating what is known as Atonic Colon or "Flabby Colon". This condition occurs with overuse of any type of laxative. The colon will only move when stimulated by a laxative and stops working on it's own. Beware of these ingredients in any product used for more than a few days.
In the event that you do have this condition, Bowel Retraining is done in our office. Please discuss this with your therapist and a treatment plan will be implemented.