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Today was day three of my colonhydrotherapy. Where do I begin? Andrea was absolutely amazing at making me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. Before I came, I honestly didn't think I would return after the first treatment, but actually found myself looking forward to my follow on visits. Andrea told me on day 1 that once we were done, I'd feel so good I'd be looking for closets to clean. Well, I haven't made it to the closets yet but all of my windows are sparkling inside out! I got up this morning with such a feeling of rejuvenation. I've always known of the healing-preventative benefits of colonics, but I was just scared of the process. I will now not only incorporate this into my own healthy habits, but I plan to show and share the benefits with my family and anyone else willing to listen to me!
Toni P. Baltimore, MD
“I didn’t think that I was a “colonic guy,” but after months of gastrointestinal problems that other treatments didn’t solve, I decided to try it. I was a little leery, but Andrea was wonderful about explaining the process and making the experience comfortable. I feel better than I have in years and I am thankful that I found Andrea and Greenspring Colonhydrotherapy.”
Mike K. Baltimore, MD
I have been an on and off sufferer of psoriasis for many years. I noticed a significant improvement after my series of three colonics done within a week. Constipation contributes to so many illnesses including psoiasis. I feel better mentally and physically knowing I am cleaner inside. Andrea and Gina made me feel so comfortable. I felt completely safe and completely natural. The office is clean and warm and relaxing. I will definately continue with my therapy through maintenance sessions.
K.M. Carroll County, MD
I have added colonics to my wellness regimen since May of 2010. I have honestly found the secret to enhancing wellness from the inside out. Health begins in the colon and colonhydrotherapy is an amazing and healing stepping stone on the journey to complete wellness. Andrea is absolutely brilliant and her approach to wellness is inspiring.
Davi Rene', Lutherville, MD
I have been having colonics for many years. I have been to various centers throughout the U.S. I love Greenspringcolonhydrotherapy! The therapists are knowledgeable and professional. The room is beautiful and immaculate. I am so happy I have found Gina and Andrea!
M.P. Towson, MD
I was nervous before having my first colonic but Andrea talked me through the process, helped me relax, and made it into a pleasant experience. I completed the recommended 3 colonics and immediately following each treatment I felt brighter and more alert.  Gina treated me for one of the treatments and she did an equally good job as Andrea.    
Andrea also gave me dietary advice and recommended reading materials to help me improve my diet.  Although I was skeptical at first (the guidelines Andrea gave me are very different from the way I had been taught to eat) I decided to give it a try.  After a couple weeks of the new eating plan I felt so many improvements in my moods, appetite, bowel movements, and energy level.  My allergies also cleared up!"  
J.B.  Towson, MD.
So much talk about colonics and colon cleansing on the internet. I decided to try it out for myself. I have a healthy diet and thought I was pretty regular. Well, I was shocked at my results. I have been having monthly maintenance since my series and have lost about 15 lbs!! Everyone asks what I am doing and I never hesitate to tell them. GREENSPRINGCOLONHYDROTHERAPY!!
Shawn A.  White Marsh, MD
No one can understand what it is like to not be regular unless you have experienced it. My family never talked about thes things. It was not uncommon for me to have a movement once per week. I was miserable. Since I have been doing regular colonics and taking my probiotics I have noticed significant improvement in both frequency and volume. Thankyou Andrea and Gina!
Kurtis N.  Halethorpe, MD
 I was so nervous!!! Not anymore!! Can't wait for my next session! I feel FANTASTIC!!!!!!
Janet G. Reisterstown, MD 

I just wanted to say thanks for my first Hydrocolon Therapy treatment
this morning.
As a 40 year old male, I was unsure what to expect when I walked in
the door. I was immediately put at ease with your easy-going nature.
Once the procedure started, there was absolutely no pain whatsoever.
The discomfort was very minor, but that this just because I think it
was a new experience. That will lessen over future visits.
Gina kept me engaged in conversation the whole time. She explained to
me the positive effects a cleaner diet will have on my colon and how
to clean up what I am eating. She made some great suggestions.
I really look forward to scheduling my next few appointments! I feel great!
Name withheld for privacy, Baltimore, MD

“As someone who can testify to the extraordinary benefits of hydro-colon therapy, I can tell you these cleansing treatments are superior.” ~Tony Robbins

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