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32510003 Colonic /Colonhydrotherapy Treatment Room.32510004 Colonic/Colonhydrotherapy Treatment Room.  

Why trust your health to anything less than the best! 

All treatments include use of the Biomat. Probiotic implants may be given with a Doctor's prescription. Please bring it with you to your appointment.
Individual Treatment                        $99                                    
Series of Three Treatments           $285
Colon Club                                      $990
11 Treatments at $90 each with 
the 12th treatment free

Complimentary nutritional counseling with every treatment. We want your digestion to be the best it can be. There are many important and valuable tips you should know about. Your good health and wellness are very important to us.

Gratituities are always appreciated.
All sessions are conducted while laying on the Biomat at no additional charge. We want you to have the best experience. Other spas and centers charge $30-$60 per Biomat session.  Enjoy!

Call for an appointment (410) 654-8997 ext.5
We have same day appointments if available.
If you have never had treatment before, or it has been 6 months to one year since your last treatment the protocol is to have a series of three treatments within 7 days. After which an effective treatment or maintenance plan will be determined with your therapist. Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes. Plan on spending the total of one hour with each treatment as there is some bathroom time after your therapy.

*If you need to change or reschedule your appointment please make sure you do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. You are responsible for the appointments you make. We have an answering service and voicemail on 24/7 and we will acknowledge your cancellation. You are responsible for any and all missed appointments and the full fee will be applied. NO EXCEPTIONS. No further appointments will be accepted until your account is current and prepayment will be required for future appointments.