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Please bring these forms, completed in full for your first appointment.
ClientQuestoinnaire2.doc (DOC — 147 KB)

The following conditions are contraindications for Colonhydrotherapy. We will only treat with a prescription from your Doctor.

*Congestive heart failure of organic valve disease
*Severe cardiac disease; e.g. uncontrolled hypertension (Hypertension controlled with  
  medication is fine)
*Severe anemia
*TGI hemorrhage/perforation
*Severe hemorrhoids 
*Ulcerative colitis
*Crohn's disease
*Hepatitis A, B, C
*Carcinoma of the colon or rectum
*Abdominal hernia / inguinal hernia
*Colon surgery 
*Recent abdominal surgery (at least the 3 months post surgery)
*Recent colonoscopy (at least the 12 days post Colonoscopy)
*Tumor in the Rectum or Large Intestine
*Renal insufficiency
*Kidney dialysis
*History of seizures
*Abortion (less than 6 months) 
*Miscarriage (less than 4 months post-op)
*Breast feeding 
*Immunocompromised at present time
*Present gastrointestinal infection
*Rectal bleeding
*Severely obese 
*Vomiting at present time
*Strong abdominal pain